GTC 2021 – The Data Decision Loop
Join us at GTC'21 for Row64 "The Data Decision Loop" and see how their GPU-accelerated workflows and compute create an environment where efficient and fast data manipulation, investigation, analytics, and visualization are possible, delivering data context for the entire team.
Happy Lunar New Year 2021
What are we looking forward to creating in 2021? It’s time for a resolution update. Your Western New Year’s resolutions have probably had a reality check by now.
Experimental Tool Wednesday: Facial Motion Capture
Hey! Alexis here again, Technical Artist at Imaginary Spaces where I work on tools and demo content for cutting edge game engine features. This week’s blog is all about facial performance capture on a shoestring budget. The hardest part of animation is the face and hands because our brains are wired to expect a lot of
Harnessing Deferred Rendering
To many people, real-time rendering is still essentially “cheating”. Compared to traditional offline renderers, game engines use a wide variety of techniques and tricks to pull off the familiar real-time goodness we’re all fond of. How does it manage that? How does it all fit together while remaining manageable to artists? Is there some sort
Experimental Tool Mondays: Kinect Motion Capture
Hey! Alexis here again, Technical Artist at Imaginary Spaces. Took some time last week to test out motion capture workflows with the Microsoft Kinect! The above video is the final product after roughly two days of work; my final verdict is that while the device won't keep up if you want to do somersaults, any