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Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator
Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator for Unreal
The Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator is a handy plugin to create and extend toolbar buttons and menus in the Unreal Editor using Python. It provides a simple API to create sub-menus and menu-items so developers can focus on the core functionality of their python-based plugins without worrying about how to expose it to the Unreal Editor.
Screenwriter for Unity now available in the Asset Store
Screenwriter is the perfect automation tool to save time when assembling linear content like shorts, cutscenes, feature films and TV series. Import your screenplays or assemble story beats in editor and automatically break down your story into an industry-standard structure.
ftrack for Unreal & Unity
Working hand-in-hand, ftrack and Imaginary Spaces have developed complete ftrack Integrations for both Unreal Engine and Unity. Via a native ftrack Studio panel in Unreal or Unity, artists and animators can import, version and publish assets, communicate on uploaded assets, view assigned tasks and check notes and updates on their work.
Python for Unity
After working closely with different production studios and partners (animated films, games, automotive, theme park ride, production management tools, ...) Unity, in a partnership with Imaginary Spaces, are releasing a Preview package of Python for Unity which allows access from Python to the full C# API of UnityEditor, UnityEngine, as well as your own C# APIs added to your Unity projects, and running Python code from within C#.