Our Services

For Studios

  • Help you choose the right tools
  • Set up your real-time pipeline
  • Train your artists
  • Train your IT team
  • Help you enter production.

For Technology Vendors

  • Integrate new technology and workflows into your tools
  • Open your APIs to your clients' needs
  • Make it easy for studios to choose your technology
  • Help push your project past the finish line

Our Work

Screenplay Breakdown
Screenplay Breakdown Preparing your production for a new show is a lot of work. One of the time-consuming tasks is to go from a screenplay to a breakdown of assets, sequences and shots that need to be worked on. What if you could produce a good breakdown of any script in seconds? Imaginary Spaces developed
Screenwriter is the perfect automation tool to save time when assembling linear content like shorts, cutscenes, feature films and TV series. Import your screenplays or assemble story beats in editor and automatically break down your story into an industry-standard structure.
ftrack Integrations for Unreal Engine & Unity
Working hand-in-hand, ftrack and Imaginary Spaces have developed complete ftrack Integrations for both Unreal Engine and Unity. Via a native ftrack Studio panel in Unreal or Unity, artists and animators can import, version and publish assets, communicate on uploaded assets, view assigned tasks and check notes and updates on their work.
Python Unity Integration
After working closely with different production studios and partners (animated films, games, automotive, theme park ride, production management tools, ...) Unity, in a partnership with Imaginary Spaces, are releasing a Preview package of Python for Unity which allows access from Python to the full C# API of UnityEditor, UnityEngine, as well as your own C# APIs added to your Unity projects, and running Python code from within C#.
Shotgun Unity Integration
A deeper collaboration between Unity and Autodesk has been announced in November. Part of this, we are developing a Shotgun integration template for Unity, which should be coming in early 2019.
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