Platform:  Unreal, Maya 2017, Perforce, Shotgun, Substance
Technology:  C++, Python
Customer : Digital Dimension


For Zafari, speed and cost considerations had Digital Dimension consider moving its production to real-time engine Unreal.

The studio needed to understand the implications of using Unreal on their established workflows, and knew it would need to automate the new workflows. But their R&D team was already at capacity supporting other productions.


Imaginary Spaces interviewed all the stakeholders -- producer, department leads, artists, coordinators, IT -- and developed a pipeline proposal. Implementing those manual processes allowed Digital Dimension to convince the director they'd be able to deliver. In a second stage, Imaginary Spaces identified the most error-prone and time-consuming processes and automated them. Finally, Imaginary Spaces trained incoming R&D staff to allow Digital Dimension to scale up to their full, episode-per-week production schedule.



“I think the interesting takeaway from using Unreal is that it has allowed us to have our cake and eat it too. On the one hand, our cost are coming down, and at the same time, the quality is going up. This is one of the only times in my career I’ve been able to say that.”

Peter Skovsbo,
Executive Producer at DD

“Digital Dimension’s proprietary real time pipeline gives me the creative freedom to tell the story that I envisioned. With unrivalled production velocity, we’re delivering one episode a week without compromising quality.”

David Dozoretz
Creator & Director of Zafari


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