Our Services

For Studios

  • Help you choose the right tools
  • Set up your real-time pipeline
  • Train your artists
  • Train your IT team
  • Help you enter production.

For Technology Vendors

  • Integrate new technology and workflows into your tools
  • Open your APIs to your clients' needs
  • Make it easy for studios to choose your technology
  • Help push your project past the finish line

Our Work

FBX Exporter Package for Unity
This FBX live-link functionality allows an artist to export his game assets out of Unity to FBX, modify it using an application supportive of FBX and bring them back again in Unity.
Meuble2go Touch­Based Room Builder
Imaginary Spaces developed a 3d closing tool and an engaging web questionnaire for Meuble2go. Using a touch interface, Meuble2go sales staff sketch the customer’s space in the appropriate colours and show the furniture.
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