What if you could produce a good breakdown of any script online in seconds?

Preparing your production for a new show is a lot of work. One of the time-consuming chores is breaking down a screenplay into sequences and a list of assets.

Imaginary Spaces developed technology for that. Scroll down or click here for an online tech demo of our Screenplay Breakdown tool, where you can upload a screenplay and get a breakdown in no time.

Once you have the breakdown, you will still need to organize the data in your production tracking software (e.g. Shotgun, ftrack, ...). Imaginary Spaces has the technology for it, allowing you to bring the generated breakdowns directly inside of your production tracking tools.


We also have the technology to bring your data inside of various Digital Content Creation tools such as Unreal Engine, Unity and Maya. At the click of a button you can automate the asset, sequence and shot scene creation for your whole show.

A good example of these technologies working together is Screenwriter, an Imaginary Spaces package for Unity which goes from a textual screenplay to a fully-populated Unity project containing character assets, sequence scenes along with a timeline already set-up with shots and camera switches for the whole screenplay.