katherine-desktop-par vincent

Platform:  mobile ( iOS, Android), desktop (OS X, Win10, Linux)
Technology:  Unity3D, C#, blender, simplygon, javascript, php, academic papers (Shewchuk 97)
Customer : Meuble2go.com Online furniture retailer


Meuble2go.com is a furniture retailer that sells principally online, with a small boutique. They needed to distinguish themselves from other retailers by offering an improved customer experience. One particular pain point: some customers expressed clear interest in buying, but were balking at the last second over a concern over whether the colours would match their own home.


Imaginary Spaces offered a 3d closing tool and an engaging web questionnaire. Using a simple interface, Meuble2go sales staff sketch the customer’s space in the appropriate colours and show the furniture. The tool is fast enough to be used live with a customer in­store, or with a customer on the chat window. Online customers use the web questionnaire to reveal their preferences and start the conversation.


Within 3 months, Imaginary Spaces had Meuble2go fully implemented on the platform, with seamless inventory­to­3d integration. Meuble2go attributes 5% of their sales to the use of Imaginary Spaces; when the closing tool applies, they approach a 100% closing rate.

Bonus: the collaboration earned Meuble2go a 6­minute live TV spot on TVA’s business programming, impressing business partners and investors.