Experimental Tool Mondays: Kinect Motion Capture
Hey! Alexis here again, Technical Artist at Imaginary Spaces. Took some time last week to test out motion capture workflows with the Microsoft Kinect! The above video is the final product after roughly two days of work; my final verdict is that while the device won't keep up if you want to do somersaults, any
Experimental Tool Mondays: VFX Theremin
  Hey! Alexis here, Technical Artist at Imaginary Spaces. Working through various projects of mine, I find myself time and time again wondering if things could be done differently if the game engine tool palette was a little more ergonomic. Over time, I have thus taken the habit to cook up various tool ideas that
Our SIGGRAPH 2019 Experience
After a long and productive week in Los Angeles, we’re finally back from SIGGRAPH 2019! Four of us from Imaginary Spaces (Martin & David, our two lead developers; Simon, our CEO and Alexis, one of our Technical Artists) made the trip out last Saturday and ran around all week in  a flurry of presentations, meetings
Adagio VR – Part 4: Animation & Sequencing
Welcome back! This is the final post in a four-part series about building a short, cinematic VR experience in Unreal Engine. Across the entire series, we went over the best practices for creating scenes in real-time engines and sharing some fun, tips, tricks and timesavers  that you can reuse later down the road in your