Our Team

Simon Inwood

Chief Executive Officer

Simon has worked as an Autodesk M&E consultant, Softimage Special Projects field engineer and the head of Softimage's engineering production support services. He has been helping Unity Technologies to deliver their film, animation and cinematic solutions.

Benoît Hudson

Chief Technology Officer

Benoît is our rocket scientist who started writing code for a NASA spacecraft. He got a taste for the media industry at Autodesk. He is our heavy hitter problem solver and architect of the system components used in the Zafari UE pipeline.

Benoît Pinet

Project Manager

David Lassonde

Lead Software Developer

Viktoria Kovecses

Software Developer

Rajat Goswami

Software Developer

Félix Bourbonnais

Software Developer

Baptiste Guidoux

Software Developer

Stacey Shulak

Human Resource Business Partner



We are a hardworking and passionate group that have fun with what we do! We are located in the vibrant Montreal Mile End. We offer a professional work environment, a competitive salary and we are committed to equal opportunities. Working for Imaginary Spaces is an exciting opportunity to work with a variety of studios and projects.

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